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Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Longmont Public Safety Awareness Day
Public Safety Awareness Day Saturday June 11: 9am-1pm
Erik Estrada – Kathy Ireland – Armand Assante - Shaquille O’Neal
Do you know what these celebrities have in common? They are just a few of the famous celebrities that support the Safe Surfin’ Foundation. With today’s internet predators, communities are becoming more involved in trying to educate and promote safety awareness. Longmont Lodge and Chapter is going to have a Public Safety Awareness Day, Saturday June 11th from 9am -1pm. Bring your children, grandchildren, and elderly grandparents down for the EZChild/Elderly ID.
All the information entered for each child or senior is then burned on to a CD (or thumb drive) and handed to the parent/guardian for safe keeping. The system automatically erases the information once it has been transferred to the CD. No data is every collected or stored. Each person takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.
We are planning to start the ID Kit from 9am – 1pm (or later if need be). We will present the Longmont Police Department with a check for Bullet Proof Vests, donate Tommy Moose Dolls to Police and Fire departments, and award plaques for recognition of public safety to Police and Fire Department, we will also have 9News for coverage at our Lodge for the presentation at 11am. For all that can help, we need volunteers to help organize and answer questions, please come down.

Through the support of the Moose International family, we have raised public awareness for the need of Internet safety education, and have promoted the availability of these educational materials to schools, libraries, and law enforcement.
Moose members have and continue to sponsor educational programs at their Lodges and have reached out to other civic groups throughout their communities.
The Moose/SSF partnership continues to present numerous opportunities for positive publicity for the fraternity with our nationwide involvement as we strive to protect children and sharing this important information to as many communities as possible.
SSF appreciates the men and women of the Moose as they continue their commitment to help protect the innocent and effect legislation in their political jurisdictions for Internet safety to be a mandatory part of every household and every school’s curriculum.
Together we will make a difference!
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